Special Offers

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Monthly Incentive Program

Valid Through: December 31, 2021

January – Nutrition Month (10% off any pet foods)
February – Dental Month (10% off dental procedure)
March – Maintenance Month (10% off any shampoo/conditioner, ear cleaner, CET chews or treats)
April – Heartworm Prevention Month (10% off a 6 or 12-month supply)
May – Spay and Neuter Month (10% off procedure)
June – Wellness Month (15% off GHP/CBC/Lytes bloodwork)
July – Flea/Tick Prevention Month ($5 off 6-month supply, $10 off 12-month supply)
August – Vaccine Discount Month (10% off FULL annual when you show your reminder text/email)
September – Dental Month (10% off your pets’ dental procedure)
October – Pet Loss Awareness Month ($5 off microchipping)
November – Spay and Neuter Month (10% off procedure)
December – Weight Loss/Maintenance Awareness Month (10% off the start of a weight loss/weight management diet, following an exam)

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